Young Rail Professionals: James Callingham

The Young Rail Professionals (YRP) network was established in 2009 to bring together people from all aspects of the rail industry, and to inspire the next generation of rail professionals. We’ve been speaking to the YRP Ambassadors recently to find out why they chose this industry and what they think the impact of institutions like the National College for High Speed Rail will be.

Name: James Callingham
Job Title: Project Management Graduate
Company: Network Rail (@networkrail)

James, tell us what you love most about your job.
I love the variety and the quality of the work. This is hugely due to the nature of infrastructure projects.

What excites you most about the rail industry?
The future of the rail industry is always changing, this means there are opportunities to influence it and leave your mark on it.

What would your advice be to someone entering this industry for the first time?
Be confident and be willing to learn. There are so many opportunities to gain new knowledge and experience!