Young Rail Professionals: Farid Omarzaiy

The Young Rail Professionals (YRP) network was established in 2009 to bring together people from all aspects of the rail industry, and to inspire the next generation of rail professionals. We’ve been speaking to the YRP Ambassadors recently to find out why they chose this industry and what they think the impact of institutions like the National College for High Speed Rail will be.

Name: Farid Omarzaiy
Job Title: Mechanical Design Engineer
Company: Progress Rail (@Progress_Rail)

Farid, tell us what you love most about your job.
I love that I get to see my designs mature from 3D models right through to manufacture, installation and inspection. I get to design and manufacture rail products such as switches and crossings, buffer stops and track components.

What excites you about the future of the rail industry?
I’m excited by the pace of growth towards automation and signalling systems. These are designed to promote capacity while improving safety, reliability and journey times.

What would your advice be to someone entering this industry for the first time?
Take every opportunity you can no matter how difficult or outside of your comfort zone it may seem.
Also, network! Developing good professional relationships will help boost your interpersonal skills, employability and wider understanding of the industry.

What inspired you to pursue a career in this industry?
As a child I was hooked on the TV show Robot Wars. Robot Wars challenged ordinary people to design, build and battle their robots against one another. I was really inspired by the ingenuity, passion and skill of the contestants. From that point on, I realised all I wanted to be was an engineer and to solve practical problems.

If an institution like the National College for High Speed Rail had existed when you were studying, would you have applied?
As a student I would have taken every opportunity to learn and develop skills in rail through the National College for High Speed Rail.