Transition to online learning gets thumbs-up from learners

Blog by Andrew Friesen, Head of Education and Performance 

Like all education providers, the current Covid-19 pandemic has forced the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure to move quickly to an online delivery model for all its courses. 

But unlike many other providers, since the inception of the College, we have depended on technology to deliver teaching and learning to groups at both our Birmingham and Doncaster sites. This meant the leap to online teaching and learning was quickly achieved by our curriculum team and our learners. 

Since March, we have been delivering all our learning through a combination of online group and 1:1 sessions with learners. Since lockdown, we committed to hearing from our learners on how we are doing, with a short weekly survey – so we could improve or quickly correct where things weren’t working. 

It wasn’t all smooth sailing in the early days of lock-down. Some learners had trouble with accessing our VLE for their sessions, so we quickly responded and swapped to delivery through MS Teams, significantly improving the experience for learners. In fact, our most recent survey of learners about our online learning found 100% satisfaction with how we are currently delivering and how we have responded to learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.   

Feedback from Birmingham and Doncaster learners in May 2020

Overwhelmingly positive feedback 

Our learners told us that teaching & learning and support is meeting their needs. 

We are now thinking ahead to the start of the next academic year. We have a very extensive plan and are working on all the measures expected of us to return to some sort of normality soon. 

Delivering a quality experience and the best outcomes for our learners is our biggest priority. We expect there to be a ‘blend’ of online learning, classroom-based activity, practical classes and work experience/ apprenticeship placements. 

How to contact us 

We appreciate it is still uncertain times and we will be releasing information to learners, applicants and apprentice employers as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with us with any question, please do so at: 

[email protected] – learner support, finance, careers advice etc 
[email protected] – questions on your application to study at the college and arrangements for next academic year 
[email protected] – apprentice employer enquiries 

Keep informed 

We remain here to help and support you and will write to you again as we develop more detail about next year, including further timetabling information. Please do refer to our Coronavirus webpageas it will be regularly updated with new information.