Student Life

At the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure we are focused on delivering innovative learning techniques at our state-of-the-art campuses for the rail and infrastructure sector, whilst at the same time providing our learners with a safe inclusive College community environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to our College community!

What you can expect from student life at the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure?

Alongside their studies, learners at the College can participate in a wide range of activities. NCATI has strong partnerships with Engineering and Rail companies throughout the country (and the world). There are many benefits for learners, including excellent networking opportunities and involvement with industry events. We also encourage learners to represent the College at trades shows, exhibitions and marketing events. 

NCATI puts learners at the heart of all we do. As a member of the college, you are invited to represent your class to the Senior Management Team and the Board of Governors.  You will have many opportunities to offer feedback about the College, your course, your safety and wellbeing and be a part of developing the College for the future. 

The College runs a number of social events and the Learner Experience Team can help you set up more. We also have strong links with student advocacy and engagement groups that run events designed to support your physical and mental wellbeing, advice and career support, volunteering and fundraising. 


Pioneering Technical Excellence

Our learners are an integral part of our vision to provide a new generation of highly-skilled professionals to lead Britain’s future workforce in rail and transport infrastructure.

We’re making this a reality implementing our values of Safety, Pioneering, Inclusivity, Collaboration and Excellence throughout the College. Find out more in our Vision & Values section.

As a learner and future alumni of the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure you will benefit from our excellent links to employers and industry leaders in the transport and infrastructure sectors. Those same industry leaders who have signed our Leadership Pledge act as industry mentors, guest lecturers and donate state-of-the-art equipment so learners can benefit from practical learning.

Activities and Guidance

The College recognises the importance of enrichment activities. We actively encourage learners to contribute to the wider communities in which they live and work through engagement events and volunteering. We offer our learners the opportunity to engage with our industry partners through work experience and industry events and support them to organise and attend social clubs and activities.

We are pleased to offer individual and impartial information, advice and guidance for all our learners as part of our commitment to their personal and professional development.

A Safe Learning Environmentncati-safe-learning-environment

We believe in providing and maintaining an inclusive environment for all learners, staff and visitors. Everyone in the College community is given a fair chance at achieving their full potential in a welcoming, respectful and safe environment.

All our staff are trained in safeguarding and PREVENT, and our promotion of British Values is embedded throughout the curriculum. Healthy debate and discussion around topical issues through enrichment themes such as mental health and wellbeing, online safety and financial safety are encouraged.

We offer confidential, personalised support to address any concerns our learners may have which is underpinned by our Safeguarding Policy and comprehensive systems and procedures.

If you are studying at NCATI and require support or are worried about someone at College, please contact our Safeguarding Team on 07471 353426 or email [email protected].

cnati-are-you-wearing-your-passYour College Pass

At the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure safety is a priority.

Learners, visitors and staff must wear a pass at all times whilst on campus. If you don’t have a pass, please speak to our Reception team on arrival. This identification card ensures that all visitors have a valid reason for being on campus.

Depending on the course and modules undertaken learners may be required to take part in lessons in the workshop areas and will be required to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

The College has high expectations for its learners. This is reflected in the professional environment we foster, in line with the professional standards shared by our industry partners. As part of our commitment to preparing learners for the working world, the College implements a smart/smart casual dress code.

Our Commitment to British Values & PREVENT Dutyncati-commitment-to-british-values

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure community is dedicated to upholding the British Values of Democracy, Rule of law, Individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. This is achieved through enrichment events and external speaker checks.

The Prevent duty is part of the Government’s CONTEST counter terrorism strategy, which looks to engage with those at risk of radicalisation.

All staff undergo regular training in order to identify any risk factors around radicalisation and to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.




equality-diversity-ncatiEquality & Diversity

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure believe in providing and maintaining an inclusive environment for all. Everyone in the College is given every opportunity to achieve their full potential in a respectful and safe environment free from discrimination or harassment.

The College hosts events and visiting speakers, such as Women in Engineering and the wider community such as LGBT Pride. Both campuses feature multi-faith rooms for learners and staff.






Contact Us

The Learner Experience Team is located at Doncaster and Birmingham campus.

We want all our learners, staff and visitors to feel safe and to know there is someone they can turn to for help and support.

If you have concerns for yourself or another please contact a member of the Safeguarding team on 07471 353426. It is important you tell someone. Email: [email protected]

For more information visit our Learner Accommodation, Learner Support and Fees & Funding sections.