In response to the economic impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Colleges in the West Midlands have come together to work collaboratively for you!

Colleges West Midlands is a formal strategic partnership of 20 colleges, including all colleges within the West Midlands Combined Authority area. Working together to support skills development across our regions, responding as a single voice to new initiatives and government reforms.

For the first time, there is a Regional Skills Recovery Programme that will provide YOU with access to FREE training across the West Midlands. Which will enable you to refresh or redevelop your career and reignite your future.


Working together the West Midlands Combined Authority, National Careers Service, DWP and Jobcentre Plus,  have made these free courses and learning pathways available to you, no matter your age or circumstances!

Sector Based Work Academy Programme (SWAPS)

SWAPS can accelerate your return to employment. Delivered in conjunction with employers who are recruiting, programmes at the College will help prepare currently unemployed to apply for jobs in different areas of work. You could be back into work in no time and, whilst you are retraining, you will not lose your benefits! 

Are You At Risk of Redundancy?

If your employment has suffered due to Covid-19, or you are looking to upskill or change your pathway, you can refresh or redevelop your skills for free which will enable you to reignite your passion and secure your future career.

Are you a Business Owner?

Whatever happens, as Covid-19 continues to impact on our daily lives, we are committed to providing you with a safe learning environment. However, should access to our sites be restricted, we have developed in-depth online resources and new strategies which guarantee to provide all learners with a high-quality programme of study.

Following the challenges presented by Covid-19, a new Regional Skills Recovery Programme has be. These programmes are specifically designed to help you get back into work or move into a new career. Flexible approaches to study are available NOW.

Blended Learning

This includes blended and online delivery options, programmes to support adults through redundancy and re-employment, a development linked to priority sectors of need and high-level professional updating programmes.

Enrol online

Adults will be able to enrol online without needing to go into a college and be able to access individual advice guidance and careers support remotely.

Increase your education level

If you are looking to enhance your current education level, funded training has been introcued to get people into priority job areas with the potential for better career prospects or a route to higher-level training.

Unemployed, redundant or furloughed?

If you are unemployed, recently redundant, or long-term furloughed and concerned about your future prospects, or just wanting to increase your skills we are offering you access to an expanded range of redeployment programmes to enable a prompt return to employment.

Support for employment and retraining

Whatever your current circumstances, if you are employed, you could still access this training if you are looking to retrain into a priority sector. If you are worried about losing your job in sectors which have been hugely affected by Covid-19, you could be retrained for free.

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