Our Industry Links

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure is different because it has been developed in partnership with businesses that already work in the rail industry. This means that our courses and our facilities have been developed to give these businesses graduates with the skills they need to thrive.



Specialist Kit and Equipment

You can see these partnerships in action just by looking around the College. All of our equipment has been kindly donated by our partners. For example:
  • A Eurostar power car
  • A bogie
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) software
  • A train simulation in a virtual reality environment
  • Workbenches and full sets of tools
  • A Eurostar power car with investigation pit underneath
  • Multiple sections of track, including maintenance section
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) software
  • High speed pantographs (connectors that supply power to the trains from the overhead wires)
  • Overhead line equipment
  • Workbenches and full sets of tools


Access to employers, projects and vacancies

These close links also mean that as a learner at the College, you can get unique involvement with the people who will be looking for employees with your skills in the future.
So, we can help you make great connections, our friends in the industry have agreed to give us:
  • Work placements for our learners, so you can put your training into practice
  • Visits to their sites and depots, so you can see projects in action
  • Mentors for each learner to help you take the right steps for your career
  • Guest lecturers, so you hear from the best in the business about their experience in the subject you’re training in
  • Subject matter experts, so you have access to the very latest thinking in the industry and the ability to help develop its use.

Our Industry Links