Governance Documents

The legal powers of the Board reside with the Board as a whole and not with individual members. The business of the Board is conducted within the framework of the Instrument and Articles of Government and the Standing Orders.

Standing Orders

Instrument and Articles of Government

Board Recruitment and Selection Policy

From incorporation on 30th July 2015 until 12th December 2018, the Board had established six Committees to assist it in carrying out its functions. Each had Terms of Reference approved, and members appointed, by the Board. Following a Governance Review, the board approved a new governance structure at its meeting on 12th December 2018. A diagram of the structure adopted is below:

Corporation Board Committee Structure 2020 

The structure left the Audit Committee and the Industry Advisory Board unchanged, the Search & Governance Committee combined with the Remuneration Committee, the establishment of 2 new Task & Finish groups – Budget and OFSTED – and the disestablishment of the Finance and Resources and Curriculum Quality & Standards Committee.

Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee

Terms of reference for the Search, Governance & Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference for the Industry Advisory Board

The following terms of reference relate to the former committees.

Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee

Terms of Reference for the Quality Committee

All Board members are required to disclose their interests and those any of close family members which are recorded in the register of Interests maintained by the Head of Governance & Legal and available for inspection upon request.

Board Members are required to comply with a Code of Conduct based on the precedent version issued by Eversheds LLP to subscribers to its Governance Plus service. As the College is not the copyright owner the Code is not published on the website.

In addition, the following policies apply to Board Members, prospective candidates for membership and/or the public:

Policy on Attendance and Access to Board meetings

Board Recruitment and Selection Policy

The Board agrees an Annual Calendar of meetings which can be accessed here:

Schedule of Corporation and Committee Meeting Dates


If you have any questions about the Corporation Board or are interested in joining its membership, please contact Sally Brook Shanahan, the Head of Governance & Legal, in the first instance:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0121 295 6754

Or write to her at NCATI, 2, Lister Street, Birmingham B7 4AG