Employing Apprentices

Apprentices can provide a quick, affordable route to fulfilling skill gaps by combining work and studying.  At the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure, we can supply apprentices across levels 4 to levels 6 across a spectrum of specific skill requirements.

We occupy a 20% off the job training programme, which equates to 1 day per week in which your apprentice will attend the college for learning, development and assessment. The rest of their time would be spent in your place of work under the supervision of a qualified staff member.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

  • 90% of apprentices stay in their workplace after completing an apprenticeship*
  • 75% of businesses report that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product of service
  • 78% of apprentice recruiting businesses report that apprentices improve productivity rates*
  • You can adapt the training your apprentice receives according to the needs of your organisation*
  • An apprenticeship allows you to diversify and freshen up your workforce*
  • You can upskill your existing workforce through an apprenticeship
  • Training costs are covered by your prepaid levy funds or by applying for free funding through the levy passdown initiative. Read more on funding your apprentice.


Employing Apprentices