Ability and Aptitude Testing

Occupational Assessments are designed to provide assessments of intellectual ability, specific aptitudes, interests, values and personality. Combined with high quality careers advice and guidance they can aid the recruitment process and provide a thorough baseline for personal development of existing employees.
Tailor–made package will be designed to meet your requirements. An experienced consultant will work with you to determine your organisational needs, including:
Selection of the most appropriate test from the range available from the British Psychological Society.

• Administration of ability and aptitude tests
• Administration of personality assessments
• Interpretation of tests and assessments
• Feedback interviews with delegates

Assessments are based on scientific principals and are evidence-based. Tests are an objective method of assessment and therefore limit the subjective bias effects which general interviews are prone to. They enable consistent selection decisions and can support the recruitment and coaching process within organisations
This course is suitable for members of your HR or Senior Management Team who are involved with recruitment, selection and overall employee engagement and development.