Train Driver Apprenticeship

If you want to get straight to work but combine earning a salary with studying, our train driver apprenticeship could be for you!

Our Train Driver Apprenticeship typically takes 12/18 months to complete. Train Drivers are responsible for driving trains in a safe, punctual, economic manner over various routes in accordance with rail rules, regulations and procedures. A Train Driver could work in a number of rail environments, such as high speed, passenger, freight, underground, metro, suburban, cross border, depots, sidings or maintenance sheds; moving passengers, goods, empty coaching stock or driving on-track machines to perform infrastructure maintenance work.

Please note: All applicants will be required to be in current employment as an apprentice in the relevant role for this apprenticeship. It will be the employer’s decision to place the apprentice with the College. If you are not currently employed as a Train Driver Apprentice you can find vacancies on the Government apprenticeship website at