Consultation on a proposal to transform NCATI through an innovative collaboration with the University of Birmingham

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure is seeking views on its proposal which will enable the training of a new generation of highly skilled professionals to lead Britain’s future rail, transport and infrastructure workforce to continue.

The proposed collaboration will enable the development of high-quality education and training to current and new learners; will allow the recruitment of apprentices to resume once the new College has received its place on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (and via the University’s registration in the meantime); and will enable capacity to be increased to deliver the skills required by the sector at a national level. It is also expected to enable financial sustainability to be achieved by working with, and growing provision in, the rail, transport and infrastructure sectors.

The vision for the future institution is for it to meet the shortfall in skills across all levels, but with a particular emphasis on higher-level technical skills in key growth sectors that support the delivery of critical infrastructure projects.

To read our proposal in full, please download a copy here: NCATI CONSULTATION. Details on how to respond are included in the consultation document, you can also submit a response via the form below.

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To enable responses to be collected for the NCATI Consultation, there will be a need to process personal data of respondents, please click here to read the NCATI Consultation Privacy Notice.

The consultation opens at 09:00hrs on Saturday 19 December 2020 and stakeholders are invited to respond by 17:00hrs on Friday 29 January 2021.