Choose Your Connection: Higher Education in High Speed

When you’re preparing to leave school, the range of options ahead of you can be bewildering.

But the next step is no longer a simple choice between university and going straight to employment – thanks to a greater than ever range of vocational study options, apprenticeships and skills courses now being available.

This is where the National College for High Speed Rail comes in. We are pioneering technical excellence to produce a new generation of highly-skilled engineers and technicians. And our doors are open to everyone.

We provide training and work experience to learners aged 18 and above in all aspects of high speed rail. That’s not just engineering and wearing hard hats, either; we’re talking about digital design, communications, project management and leadership as well. We want to create a new generation of employees for the new era of rail travel, from loads of different backgrounds and with the skills to take on any challenge.

An ideal course option for school-leavers new to the industry is our Certificate of Higher Education in High Speed Rail and Infrastructure. A broad introduction to the rail industry and high speed rail in particular, it offers the chance to learn technical knowledge and skills that will help you decide which area of the rail industry you would like to specialise in.

Like all of our courses, the Cert HE developed directly with industry employers – meaning that it’s designed to give you the sort of skills they’re looking for from their future workforce. You’ll have a variety of options when you finish – whether going straight into work, applying for a higher apprenticeship, or going on to a full-time Level 5 foundation degree.

Studying at the National College means taking advantage of cutting-edge learning technology – and a real-life rail engineering environment, complete with our actual former Eurostar power cars. Our campuses in Birmingham and Doncaster offer the opportunity to live in vibrant, well-connected places with rich connections to the UK rail industry’s past, present and future.

The future of rail travel is everything you’d expect – incredible speed, technology and innovation. And the National College for High Speed Rail is where you can become one of the people who’ll make it all happen.

Choose your connection, and find out what high speed rail can do for you.

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