Calling all suppliers of Immersive Learning software products!


At The National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure, immersive learning forms a standard component in our course delivery because so many UK transport infrastructure projects are still at an early stage and real-world assets are either scarce or not yet available for training purposes. To date we have commissioned entirely bespoke immersive learning solutions with considerable success.

We want to build on our success by inviting potential new suppliers located anywhere in the world to provide us with information about their Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) immersive learning software applications. We are interested in looking at the full range of potential applications for existing immersive learning products, including (but not limited to) functional skills, digital transformation, technical skills, vocational skills, communications, project management, health and safety, soft skills, leadership and management.

If you have a product to offer – please submit a response via the link below, before 12.00 GMT on 20th November 2019.