We want to produce a new generation of highly skilled professionals to lead the UK’s future rail, transport and infrastructure workforce.


Our vision is:

To create a highly successful, financially sustainable, and inclusive National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure that provides high-quality education and training that meets the needs of all our learners, sectoral partners and local communities and supports local, regional, and national economic growth.


Our mission is to:

Produce a new generation of highly skilled professionals to lead Britain’s future rail, transport, and infrastructure workforce.Radically improve the quality of provision whilst growing the educational offering and retaining the distinctive role that NCATI plays.


Our learners are at the heart of everything we do. The College has been established to provide inclusive and high quality education and training that meet the needs of all our learners, industry partners and local communities, and supports local, regional and national economic growth.

Working collaboratively with partners and the University of Birmingham, we will provide a lifelong learning opportunity supported by railway, transport and infrastructure qualifications and competencies. Learners of all ages will benefit from a high quality education that will prepare them for, or advance them in, a career in a sector that is rapidly transforming. By working with a range of local education providers across the UK, we will increase participation for groups under-represented in technical education.

With an expanded curriculum taught by industry qualified and experienced staff, learners will thrive in aspirational and supportive environments in the Midlands and the North. The College will become an integral part of the government’s transport, infrastructure and broader industrial strategy.

As part of the University of Birmingham group, we will embed the values and ethos of excellence, leadership, pioneering spirit, purposefulness and pragmatism.