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Our vision is to pioneer technical excellence, and our mission is to produce a new generation of highly-skilled professionals to lead Britain’s future rail industry.

Whether you’re leaving school, wanting to up-skill or take a new career direction, we offer courses and apprenticeships in all elements of the rail industry. Our curriculum has been developed by the best in the business and is taught at brand new, state-of-the-art facilities in Birmingham and Doncaster.

Tempted to become part of the rail revolution? Why not check out more about us and our campuses. To find out where high speed rail could take you, explore our courses and apply today.

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Train at two brand new college campuses, offering fully installed track and rolling stock, specialist workshops, advanced digital learning and practical classroom teaching.

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A college dedicated to the future of the rail industry

A college dedicated to the future of the rail industry
A college dedicated to the future of the rail industry

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Saudi Prince discovers world class learning facilities in Birmingham

With Saudi Arabia investing billions in high speed rail as it diversifies its transport infrastructure to include more non-oil sources, a Saudi delegation led by HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Faisal visited the National College for High Speed Rail’s Birmingham campus. He was accompanied by Andrew Hammond, Managing Director of Riyadh based International Transport company Future… Read more »

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Choose Your Connection: Higher Education in High Speed

When you’re preparing to leave school, the range of options ahead of you can be bewildering. But the next step is no longer a simple choice between university and going straight to employment – thanks to a greater than ever range of vocational study options, apprenticeships and skills courses now being available. This is where… Read more »

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Choose Your Connection: Retraining for a High Speed Future

No matter where you’re up to on your career journey, an apprenticeship at the National College for High Speed Rail can help you along the way. You might already be working somewhere in the industry, but looking for a new set of skills to help you take that next step up the ladder. Perhaps you’re… Read more »

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